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Important Stuff... Shipping, Returns, and Refunds

Shipping (The Journey):
At Barbarian®, we wield the reliable USPS Ground Advantage to deliver your battle gear. While the journey varies, rest assured that your products will be dispatched within 1-3 days, and the voyage itself takes 2-5 days. Whether you’re awaiting a potion or a sword, we’ve got your back.

Returns (The Valiant Way):
We understand that even the boldest warriors occasionally change their course. While we don’t accept physical returns (who wants to lug around extra battle gear, anyway?), we’ve forged an alternative path for our intrepid patrons.

Reinforce the Clan: If a product doesn’t resonate with your inner Barbarian, share the bounty with your fellow warriors. Accidentally acquired duplicates? Gift them to your tribe. Remember, a united clan smells better together. Once you’ve found a new home for your product, read on for our refund/replacement policy.

Refunds/Replacements (The Battle Cry):
Charge forth with Barbarian® at your side! Whether you’re conquering kingdoms or simply conquering the snooze button, we’re here for you. Our unbreakable satisfaction guarantee ensures that you’ll be thrilled with our products—just as much as we are.


Our unyielding oath: If an order falters or a product doesn’t spark joy, fear not. We’ll make it right or refund you for the price of the product. Because looking and smelling great is your birthright, fellow warrior.

Remember: Life is an epic quest. Choose your gear wisely.

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